Ys Sharmila to Take Up Praja Prasthnam Padayatra

The founder president of ysrtp ys sharmila today said that she would embark upon a padayatra in the name of praja prasthanam. She said that the padayatra would be launched on october 20, 2021. She also said that the padayatra would be held in all assembly constituencies of the state except the assembly constituencies that fall under ghmc. She said that she would launch the padayatra in chevella assembly constituency and would conclude it in the same constituency. Speaking to media persons she said that she would walk for upto 12 km to 15 km every day during her padayatra. She said that she would continue her hunger strike being held on every tuesday demanding the state government to solve the problems being faced by the unemployed youth youth of the state, during her padayatra as well. She made it clear that her father and former cm ysr was the brand ambassador of the padayatra and added that she had taken up the padayatra to achieve the aspirations of her father.  

Targeting cm kcr sharmila alleged that the cm was destroyed the state to fulfil his own interests. She said that the responsibility of taking the failures of the state government to the doorsteps of the people of the state lied on their shoulders. She alleged that the ruling trs party was taking back the assigned and podu lands given to the beneficiaries by the past governments. She claimed that the atrocities on dalits and women of the state had gone up after kcr became the cm of telangana. She said that there was no protection for the lives of the children in the state and added that liquor and drugs were freely available for the anti social elements in the state.

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