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Re Sustainability’s Green Ganesha: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Celebrations

Re Sustainability Limited (ReSL) hasonce again,partnered with 92.7 BIG FM for the 16th edition of the award-winning Green Ganesha initiative,#ReBIGGreenGanesha.

Re Sustainability, a leading global circular economy firm, is closely sliging this initiative with Mission LiFE, announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi at UNFCCC COP26, which aims to bring individual behaviours and local cultures at the forefront of the global climate action narrative.This initiative will reach communities across Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. These clay Ganesha idols are embedded with seeds and fertilizers. Recipients can perform the #nimarjan ritual at home, in a flowerpot, giving rise to a new life in the form of a new plant.

In Hyderabad and Delhi, it will involve distribution of Eco-friendly Seed Ganesha Idols, motivating citizens to adopt an eco-friendly alternative to celebrate the auspicious festival.This year, this partnership between Re Sustainability and 92.7 BIG FM taking the idea a step further. A used paper collection drive from communities across Hyderabad and Delhi has been kicked-off, which will then be recycled into large eco-friendly Ganesha Sculptures. The drive will be followed by a 7-day Mall Activity including Ganesh Idol Sthapana&Arti along with sweets distribution.

In addition, a series of engaging activities will also be held in Mumbai as part of the #ReBIGGreenGanesha campaign. Big FM RJs will encourage listeners to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle by giving up the usage of plastic bottles. For listeners to donate to the cause, special collection points will be set up at Residential Welfare Associations (RWA). With the use of collected bottles, this effort hopes to create a community of “Plastic KeVighnaharta” (Guardians against Plastic) by creating a stunning art piece for pandal decorating. The gathered bottles will be artistically integrated into one of the RWAs’ displays and used to decorate the pandal.

Volunteers will support Ganpati pandals in maintaining cleanliness and promoting eco-friendly practices during the Ganeshotsav. Finally, following the celebrations, the bottles will be properly recycled or reused to build a bench within the same community, providing a practical illustration of sustainable alternatives. Big FM RJs will take an active role in this exhibit and engage in meaningful conversations with the community’s people, further elaborating on the idea of living sustainably.

Mr. Goutham Reddy, Managing Director. Re Sustainability said,
“Embracing sustainability is not an option but a necessity, if we need to secure a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. Re Sustainability has made significant strides towards eradicating water pollution through groundbreaking initiatives like Re BIG Green Ganesha. This eco-friendly initiative is designed with the primary goal of raising awareness among the masses about sustainable practices that are essential for the preservation and conservation of our precious water bodies”.

Mr. Masood Mallick,CEO, Re Sustainability, said,
“The Ganesh Chaturthi festivities bring along immense joy and positivity to all of us, across the country. This year, our flagship campaign takes the message of Responsible & Sustainable Celebrations to every home in India, while aligning with the key tenets of Mission LiFE. With beautiful GaneshaIdols that spring new green life and the associated paper & plastic recycling initiatives, we further strengthen our commitment towards a more sustainable and pollution-free India. This Ganesh Chaturthi, please welcome #ReBIGGreenGanesha to your homes and hearts.”

Re Sustainability has distinguished itself in the field of environmental protection by advocating for a circular economy through its comprehensive services. Its significant contributions to revolutionizing waste management practices, marked by investments in cutting-edge technology and green initiatives, have been pivotal.

Re Sustainability’s BIG Green Ganesha initiative serves as a testament to their heartfelt and conscious endeavour to mitigate environmental harm during festivities.

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