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Jagga Reddy lashes out at CS

jagga reddy

Congress party MLA from Sangareddy Assemhku constituency T. Jagga Reddy today came down heavily on the chief secretary of the state Somesh Kumar alleging that the top bureaucrat of the state had failed in the containment of Covid 19 virus. Mocking that the Chief Minister of the state KCR is busy with the works of the construction of the new secretariat, he asked if the CS was also busy painting the designs of the new secretariat.

He asked if the CS did not have any responsibility to protect the lives of the people of the State. walls of the . Commenting on the plight of the people suffering from Covid 19 virus, Reddy said that majority of the coronavirus patients were suffering from heart and lungs related problems. He said that the authorities of the district hospitals were sending the positive patients to the Gandhi hospital for treatment. He however added that out of the ten positive patients treated at the Gandhi Hospital, 5 patients were losing their lives. He said that a resident of his constituency Abdul qayyoom, who was admitted at the Gandhi hospital, had called up his son and complained that no doctor at the Gandhi hospital was caring for him.

He said that qayyoom died on Thursday due to the negligence of the doctors at the Gandhi hospital. Making it clear that he is not blaming the doctors for the deaths of the patient, he said that such tragic incidents would take place  if there was only one doctor for 100 patients. Reddy said that he would chalk out an action plan for the people of his constituency.

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