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Jabardasth Gaddam Naveen Interview

Amidst the dazzling realm of entertainment, there are actors who possess an innate ability to not just perform but to ignite pure delight in the hearts of their audience. One such luminary is none other than Jabardasth Naveen, a charismatic performer who has seamlessly charmed his way into the television screens and silver screens alike. Known by various endearing monikers like Gaddam Naveen, Naveen Itika, and even Junior Raghavendra Rao, he has etched his name into the tapestry of beloved entertainers.

As his versatility continues to unfurl, Jabardasth Naveen graces a multitude of roles across a spectrum of films, captivating the essence of each character he portrays. Today, on the momentous occasion of Jabardasth Beard Naveen’s birthday, we have the privilege of delving into the facets of his journey. In this exclusive interview, we unravel the layers of his artistry, his aspirations, and the myriad of reasons behind those infectious smiles he brings to millions.

Namaste Naveen garu.. Happy birthday to you first.
Answer: Thank you very much sir.

Q: He became very popular with his white beard(Gaddam). How many birthdays have it been for you? What makes this birthday special in your journey?

Answer: It’s his 47th birthday. I made my entry into the film industry in 1995. I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs since then. This year is going to be a very satisfying journey. I got a chance to come back to Zabardast. It’s a long-standing desire to go to America. I went to america with the help of Venkat Duggi Reddy and Dargah Nagi Reddy. Ram Charan, Shankar and Dil Raju are teaming up for ‘Game Changer’. Apart from this, there are 10 films that have been completed. Among them, I am doing Victory Venkatesh’s ‘Saindhava’ and Sundeep Kishan’s films. It was a great pleasure for my elder son to win a gold medal in the degree. That’s why I am celebrating my birthday satisfactorily this year.

Q: You are known as Jabardast Naveen, Gaddam Naveen, Naveen Itika.. What would you like to be called?

Answer: They call me whatever they like. Initially Naveen.. Jabardasth came to Jabardasth, then Jabardasth Naveen, when he had a Gaddam, he was called Gaddam Naveen, Latkor Naveen, Natti Naveen, Itika Naveen. Because Jabardasth gave me life.. I feel very happy if I am called ‘Jabardasth Gaddam Naveen’..

Q: Is the beard (Gaddam) a plus or a minus for you?

Answer: The beard has become a double plus for me. I was raised unexpectedly when things were not good. But the same thing brought opportunities. Naveen is remembered for his Gaddam. Even abroad our Telugu people are supporting us. I pray to God for more opportunities and a good name as an actor.

Q: As actors, you are known to everyone. Tell us about your family background.

Answer: My parents are Krishna and Sakkubai. We are a middle class family. My father worked as a government employee. Yet financial difficulties haunted our family. While studying, I did a mechanic shop, a clothes shop and a small trader. I also worked as an office boy at one point of time. Since 1995, I have been trying for film opportunities. I just got married. My wife’s name is Bhavita. The two sons are Thaman Dinesh and Akshay Kumar. I am happy with my family. But my parents wanted me to grow as an actor. But they don’t exist and that’s what makes me feel the greatest pain. I have a younger brother Kishore and sister Rani. Secunderabad was born and raised. In Balamrai. I studied at Wesleyboy’s School, Lal Bahadur College, Mohidipatnam. Local so there is no suffering in the film industry but .. I faced the rest of the difficulties.

Q: Your love story is very popular. tell us about it

Answer: When I went to the movies, I got a small entry with the encouragement of my babai Srinu. Director Surender Reddy is the assistant director of the film ‘Premindi Enthamma’. At that time, my hairstyle was good. Surender Reddy garu selected me and gave me the opportunity. Our wife is also an artist. I saw her there for the first time. By the time the film was over, we got married without the knowledge of the parents. Knowing this, he became serious. But then everything seemed to be happy.

Q: It is very difficult to earn a level of recognition without a background in the film industry. Can you tell us about your acting journey from the time you entered the industry till date?

Answer: Like everyone else, I wandered around the cinema offices for opportunities. Ram Gopal Varma was selected at that time. But it was sent that the age was not suited. Then he saw my style and gave me a chance to do something. The characters of friends have come up a lot. I have done films like Ramsakkanodu, Aadhi, Ishtam, 16 Teens, Idiot and Bad Boys. After that, I acted mostly in villain gangs. But it was only after the entry of Jabardasth that he got recognition. I got an entry into Jabardasth because of Malle mala , Shyamprasad Reddy sir , abhi and chalaki chanti.. With the encouragement of Abhi, more opportunities have been given. I will always be indebted to them.

Q: With which Goal did you come into the industry?

Answer: I have come into the industry to become a hero. For the first time, I saw Krishna’s action scenes on the silver screen and i was very impressed. After watching Chiranjeevi’s films, he went into a mental leap. I became a big fan of him. Every Sunday, the habit of watching movies has increased and the passion for movies has increased. Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani, Ali.. I am happy that comedy characters have got some recognition as a comedian because of their inspiration like that.

Q: Are you a director in events and TV shows? Raghavendra Rao is being imitated. Did he say anything about that imitation?

Answer: Director K Raghavendra Rao’s imitation is an adventure. But that dress given in the Avinash-Karthik team made me very famous. Once I did it in front of Raghavendra Rao garu. I wondered what he was going to say. But very affectionately did not take it close and blessed.

Q: Your career is busy in movies, TV and events. Even at a time like this, he is doing a job. Isn’t the money you get enough?

Answer: I’m doing Jabardasth, films, events, but.. That payment will help my family run. But I used to do the job, but now I am not going. Our company’s owner Dinesh garu. I am given a job whenever I go. That’s why he hasn’t resigned from the company yet. I have a dream to build my own house. Till then, I will continue to work hard with your cooperation.

Q: Your co-actors who work with you in Jabardasth.. As directors and heroes, they are trying to go to the next level. And what is your goal?

Answer: My goal is to become a producer. Venu garu, Shanthakumar garu, Adhire Abhi garu and Rocking Rakesh garu have become directors since Jabardasth. A few others became heroes. It requires a lot of intelligence. So my goal is to hit as a producer. I will always do a film as a producer.

Q: Do you want to be an actor and a comedian? Which role will you do given?

Answer: There is a desire to do different roles. I’m doing it as a comedian. There is a hope to do sentimental roles and villain roles. I am confident that the filmmakers will always support me. I am also making efforts in that direction. I have done 150 films. Of these, 90 films have done good roles. Ram Charan’s ‘Game Changer’, Victory Venkatesh’s ‘Saindava’, ‘Bhairava Kona’, ‘Mystery’, ‘Vrishabha’, ‘Choo Mantar’ and ‘Bhootuddham Bhaskar’. Such are the upcoming films that I have acted in.

Q: Is anyone from your family coming into the industry?

Answer: Both of our boys are studying. Their likes are theirs.. I didn’t force them to come to the film industry. I have my support for whatever they want.

Q: On the occasion of your birthday.. What do you want to tell your fans?

Answer: Not a big actor who has fans. If not, it is the encouragement they have given me that my present film career is. All of them should be fine. I have to be in it. Everyone should take good care of their parents.

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