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I Request Everyone Not To Give Any Donations To My Trust…There Are Many Who Are In Need OF Money.. Kindly Donate To Them: Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Lawrence has started his career as a side dancer and rised to become a choreographer then turning into a Director, Actor, Producer delivering continuous successes earning a special recognition for himself. He founded a trust to help the poor and needy with the money he earned and is doing charity works. He started raising 60 kids along with teaching dance for specially abled people. He also contributed daily groceries to the people during corona crisis and helped many people for their heart operations. Lawrence keeps spreading his charity works and lending his helping hand to more people. He requested everyone not to contribute donations to his charity. He also revealed the reason behind his request by releasing a video. He says, ” Few days ago I requested everyone not to send money to my trust and said I can look after my kids. Reason behind my request is I have started the trust when I was a dance master. I started looking after 60 kids, teaching dance to physically challenged and helped in performing heart operations. At that time I needed help for all those charity works. So, I seeked help from others. I used to do a film for every two years back then. Now, I am doing three films every year. As I am earning enough money I thought that I can do all the charity works by myself. So, I decided not to take help from others.

I am not saying this out of arrogance. As I am able to provide by myself, I wanted those donations to reach those who are in need. There are several trusts around us which are in need of money. I request you to help them. It will be very helpful for them. They don’t get much help from anyone. Many are approaching me saying that they want to help the needy along with me. I am grateful to them. I myself will direct them to those who are in need financially. Please help them by yourself. It will give you immense satisfaction. Thank you so much.”

Lyca Productions CEO Subhaskaran donated one crore rupees to Lawrence’s trust during ‘Chandramukhi 2’ audio launch event. Lawrence announced that by contributing his money in addition to that donation, he will construct a building in the name of Subhaskaran’s mother by buying a land. He said that the building will be used by his students to learn and practice dance.

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