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Hans Raj College Hosts 76th Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

Hans Raj College proudly hosted its 76th Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony, a significant event that showcased the spirit of academic achievement and environmental stewardship. The ceremony, held at the esteemed campus of Hans Raj College, brought together eminent personalities, faculty, staff, and students in a celebration of excellence.

The ceremony, held at Hansraj College’s prestigious campus, witnessed the gathering of esteemed personalities including Prof Dr Mahesh Verma, Dr Mukesh Kwatra, Justice Pal, Dr Tarunika Jain Aggarwal, Dr Shiv Raman Gaur, Principal Dr Rama, and several esteemed faculty members.

The highlight of the event was the presence of the Guest of Honour, Dr Mukesh Kwatra, representing the renowned environmental organization, Smiling Tree. In his heartfelt address, the Dr Kwatra expressed gratitude towards Hans Raj College for the enduring partnership with Smiling Tree, highlighting their shared commitment to environmental sustainability. Reflecting on the five-year journey of collaboration, he emphasized the significant contributions made by Smiling Tree towards enhancing greenery and ecological balance within the college premises.

Dr. Mukesh Kwatra, founder of Smiling Tree, added, “Our partnership with Hans Raj College exemplifies our dedication to fostering a greener and healthier environment. Together, we have made significant strides in promoting sustainability and biodiversity conservation.”

Addressing the esteemed gathering of faculty, staff, and students, the Guest of Honour commended their dedication and urged them to set ambitious goals while navigating challenges with resilience and determination. Drawing inspiration from the exemplary career of Ratan Tata, he emphasized the importance of converting obstacles into opportunities, encouraging students to strive for excellence and bring pride to their alma mater.

Furthermore, the Guest of Honour underscored the importance of adopting eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles, emphasizing the critical need for responsible environmental stewardship. He offered his assistance and guidance to support initiatives aimed at addressing environmental challenges, particularly in the context of the ongoing water crisis.

The ceremony concluded on a high note, with resounding applause echoing the collective commitment of Hans Raj College and Smiling Tree towards academic excellence and environmental sustainability. This event serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in creating a brighter and greener future for generations to come.

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