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Five students across grades shortlisted for an all-inclusive trip to NASA by Aakash+BYJU’S…

Five students across grades shortlisted for an all-inclusive trip to NASA by Aakash+BYJU’S from ANTHE 2021

  • Trip to NASA is the first-ever initiative by Aakash + BYJU’S to engage and motivate students effectively
  • Each student will be accompanied by one parent, whose expense too will be borne by the company.
  • Since 2010, ANTHE has offered scholarships to more than 23 lakh students.
  • KPMG Assurance & Consulting Services LLP was the Process Advisor & Evaluator for the ANTHE Exam-NASA Trip

Five students have been selected by Aakash + BYJU’S, the national leader in test preparatory services, for an all expenses paid educational trip to NASA. The winners were selected based on their scores in the Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) 2021, the thirteenth edition of the flagship annual scholarship exam of Aakash + BYJU’S. ANTHE is open to Class VII-XII students to hone their performances for NEET and IIT-JEE coaching programs. In 2021, a whopping 12 lakh students registered for ANTHE, the highest number registered till date.

The stellar performers are Varun Kumar from Delhi, Naina Parihar from Gwalior, Anshul Sah from Bengaluru, Alok Kumar Singh from Varanasi and Sakshi Lather from Rohtak.

The Process Advisor & Evaluator for ANTHE Exam-NASA Trip was KPMG Assurance & Consulting Services LLP.

Speaking about their experience, the students said “We would like express our gratitude to Aakash+BYJU’S for providing us and our family an opportunity to go to NASA. It has been our dream and now it is finally coming true. We look forward to the experiences and the learning’s.”

The trip to NASA is Aakash + BYJU’S first-ever initiative to make students experience concepts beyond their syllabus and remain motivated and focused on their studies. The students will be accompanied by one of their parents.

Anthe 2021 carried a total of 90 marks and comprised 35 multiple-choice questions that are based on grades and streams of aspirations of students.

Congratulating the winners, Mr Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash + BYJU’S, said, “We are very proud of the students who have been shortlisted for the NASA trip. The journey will be path-breaking as it will give them a high level of exposure. Such experiences will encourage the students in the holistic development of their careers and personalities. The trip to NASA will motivate students to pursue careers in science and technology and give them a first-hand experience of how the technology at NASA works.”

The 4 day tour will give students an enriching experience of how the space organisation works. There will be projects, live demonstrations and simulations, group discussions and other activities which will further help students to dig deeper in the concepts.

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