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YAI Monsoon Regatta Divayanshi Mishra, Eklavya Batham and Shashank Batham reign supreme on the day three of the Regatta

The weather eased and Principal Race Officer Renu Rajan from Bombay conducted a full 4 set of races of each for 40 minutes of YAI Monsoon Regatta, therefore finishing 8 races of the targeted 12 race series.

The average winds eased at the Monsoon Regatta to about 9-14 Knots but the gusts were still hitting the 20s and knocked the top seed Ekalavya off his perch to the end of the fleet in race 7.

The girls were both out of form and dropped out of sight and the boys from Bhopal continued to reign supreme with both Eklalavya smashing the day with 3 wins and bad capsize where he finished a sad 19th and Shashank Batham with one win and two seconds in 4 races.

Interestingly both the NSS Bhopal Boys are tied at the end of 8 races with 13 point each but Eklavya the top seed at the Monsoon Regatta has an edge with more wins and is ranked No.1

4 races to go across the next two days and in sailing the old adage goes that ‘anything can happen’ but if all goes according to the current trend the two Bhopal boys are unbeatable for the top two spots.

Hritiek Jaiswal of Trishna Mysore is lying in third position with 27 points while he does stand a remote chance of beating the duo.

The girls racing too seems to be a two-horse race with Divyanshi and Tanuja battling it out for gold while Diyanshi is opening up her lead on Tanuja who had a bad day today.

The Lasers and Green Fleet of Beginners sailed in the afternoon on a separate course and were still racing while this report was being filed.

Final Points Tally at the end of Day 3

Divayanshi Mishra – Bhopal NSS 42 Points
Thanuja Kameshwar – Hyderabad YCH 53 Points
Shagun Jha – Bhopal NSS 101 Points

Eklavya Batham Bhopal NSS 13 Points
Shashank Batham Bhopal NSS 13 Points
Hriethik Jaiswal Mysore Trishna 27 Points

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