UoH Faculty invited to speak at ICWA-SAU Webinar

UoH,ICWA-SAU Webinar

Prof. Aparna Rayaprol and Prof. Pushpesh Kumar of the Department of Sociology at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) were invited to speak in one of the sessions in a two-day webinar WOMEN AND POWER jointly organised by the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) and South Asian University (SAU) on Women and Power on 15th and 16th October, 2020.

 Prof. Aparna spoke on the topic ‘Women in the Indian Diaspora: Complexities and Inter-Sectionalities.’           Prof. Aparna began the session by tracing the history of how women migrants have been represented, she said, “Either they are mentioned as migrants’ wives or are ignored.”

            Further, she explained her research findings on immigrant women. She said that many first-generation migrant Indian women in America are doctors, engineers, etc. Mentioning especially about the migrant women from Hyderabad, she said these migrant women are no more dependent migrants but noteworthy contributors to development. Elaborating further, she explained the different levels and layers embedded within such groups of migrant women.

            Prof. Pushpesh Kumar spoke on the topic ‘Transcending Territoriality and Broadening Kinship: Possibilities and Limits of the Politics of the National Federation of Dalit Women (Nfdw)’.

            His paper dwelled upon Dalit women as a distinct category of political constituency within Indian women’s movement through a specific focus on the National Federation of Dalit Women (NFDW). The latter in its fight against multiple marginality and oppression has not only looked at the hierarchies and networks of patriarchies locally but transcended the territoriality and broadened the suffering- based kinship in the international arena through a nuanced analysis of race, caste and gender.

            Prof. Pushpesh offered to re-examine the assumptions of feminist theorists like Kalpana Kannabiran in claiming that NFDW makes use of international soft law mechanisms and parameters of inter-sectionality in race theory where solidarities between race, caste and gender are forged at the local, national and international levels.

            Prof. Rekha Pande, retired professor of the University of Hyderabad moderated this session of ICWA-SAU Webinar.

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