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The Power of Community: ‘Friends of Ekya’ Creates a Supportive Learning Environment

Ekya School, a leading educational institution in India, is thrilled to announce the launch of Friends of Ekya, an initiative aimed at creating a vibrant community of individuals committed to students’ holistic development. Through this initiative, Ekya School seeks to leverage the expertise, experience, and networks of community members to create opportunities for students to learn and discover a world beyond boundaries.

Under this initiative, the Parent Champions Program enables Ekya to build a support structure involving parents in their children’s learning journey and school community. Parents can participate in a range of activities throughout the year, from volunteering at special events to mentoring students in college or career transitions.

As stated by Dr. Tristha, Head of Ekya School and Provost, CMR University, “Parents play a crucial role in their children’s development, and the Parent Champions Program is an excellent way for them to actively participate in their children’s learning journey. Through this program, parents can share their expertise, experience, and knowledge with their children and help them navigate the challenges of growing up.”

In addition to the Parent Champions Program, Friends of Ekya offers the Community Champions Program, which provides a platform for alumni, partners, professionals, enthusiasts, and change-makers to contribute their time, knowledge, and expertise to students’ success. Community members can share their skills and experiences with students, broadening their horizons and equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in the real world.

This empowering initiative highlights Ekya School’s commitment to creating exceptional individuals who will make a difference in the world. The program offers a range of activities and opportunities for parents, alumni, partners, professionals, enthusiasts, and change-makers to contribute to students’ success and play an active role in their development. Ekya School is proud to invite everyone to join this rapidly growing community and make a positive impact on the lives of our students.

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