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Tata Power Skill Development Institute transforming youth skills to power up India’s green energy transition

Tata Power Skill Development Institute ( TPSDI) , a state-of-the-art skill enhancement institute in the power sector, is expanding its training initiatives to equip youth with skills for green energy jobs. To mark the World Youth Skills TPSDI is rolling out skill development courses in Solar Photovoltaic for Electric Vehicle Charging, Installation and Maintenance of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic, Installation of Smart Meters, and Home Automation to promote smart and efficient energy related expertise across its six training centers in India at Shahad ,Trombay, and Vidyavihar in Mumbai; Maithon – Dhanbad; Mundra – Kutch; and Jojobera – Jamshedpur. The institute has planned to train around 3000 youth in green energy jobs in FY 23 and will scale up the numbers around 5000 by 2025.

TPSDI has so far trained 1.4 lakh people across all its courses both in conventional and renewable energy technology. In the last financial year, the institute trained over 45000 of whom around 2,500 were certified in green job-related skills.  

According to recent studies conducted by the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW), Natural Resources Defence Council, and Skill Council for Green Jobs, the sector has the potential to generate 10 lakh jobs by 2030. That is nearly ten times the current workforce in the existing green energy space. It stated that small-scale renewable energy projects would generate the majority of the new jobs, as compared to utility or large-scale projects. TPSDI’s new courses prepare trainees with the skills needed to take advantage of this expected spurt in green jobs. These new green energy skill courses will emphasise on hands-on training and pay special attention to safe working practices and will also be aligned to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).

“India is making significant strides toward achieving its clean energy goals and creating a 500 GW renewable energy portfolio by 2030. The Indian power industry is about to undergo a green transformation, and Tata Power, being one of the pioneers in the clean energy and tech space, is all set to drive this change through TPSDI by enabling an ecosystem that includes focused training for youth in green and smart energy technologies like roof top solar, EV charging, home automation, battery storage and smart metering.” said Tata Power Spokesperson. Going forward, the institute also plans to introduce courses in  artificial intelligence, machine learning, and energy consulting.

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