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Sakra World Hospital launches Comprehensive Diabetic Foot & Wound Care Clinic

To commemorate World Plastic Surgery Day, Sakra World Hospital, a premier healthcare organization in Bengaluru announced the launch of its Comprehensive Diabetic Foot & Wound Care Clinic today. This exclusive clinic, which aims to cater to diabetics with all types of problems that happen in their feet, was launched in the presence of the Sakra management, Dr Rajendra S, Dr Maheshwarappa, along with other consultants.

Foot problems due to diabetes is a common phenomenon which can result in damaging the toe, foot, amputation of leg or even loss of life in some cases. Increased blood sugar level can cause nerve damage in the feet which can cause loss of feeling, changes in the shape in the feet and foot ulcers that may take time to heal, causing discomfort to the patient. Owing to loss of feeling, diabetics may become prone to foot injuries that may cause infections and ulcers, and ultimately require amputation if left untreated.

“Diabetic foot and wound care is not any ordinary problem and needs utmost care, correct diagnosis and timely treatment. With complete end-to-end care, problems such as ulceration on the bottom of the feet or poor blood circulation can be managed and treated well. At Sakra’s Comprehensive Diabetic Foot & Would Care Clinic, we aim to render superior continuum of care to diabetic patients to ensure that they lead an improved quality of life,” said Dr Rajendra S, Senior Consultant & Head – Department of Plastic Surgery, Sakra World Hospital.

Echoing the same thoughts, Dr Maheshwarappa BM, Senior Consultant & Head – Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Sakra World Hospital said, “Our feet and legs are probably the most ignored parts of our body. In case of diabetics, the need to care of their feet are more than non-diabetics owing to the several nerve problems. It is important to keep blood sugar levels in control, keep feet clean, keep them covered, wear comfortable shoes. Consulting a specialist to diagnose if there are nerve problems in the feet can help in timely treatment and safeguarding your feet from any serious damages that may occur later. We intend to offer specialized care for such patients and help them lead a comfortable life.”
The Clinic will be open on Monday to saturday (days) at 9-4pm(timings).

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