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Pawan Kalyan lashed out at YSRCP  on Steel plant

Pawan Kalyan

Actor turned politician and the founder of Jana Sena Party (JSP) Pawan Kalyan today lashed out at ruling YSRCP on the issue of Vizag Steel Plant. He alleged that the ruling party was playing dramas on the issue of the plant. He claimed that the protest programs being held by the ruling party were aimed at winning in the upcoming municipal elections. Stating that the ruling party has 22 MPs in Lok Sabha, he asked the MPs as to what they did for the withdrawal of the decision of the privatization of the steel plant by the central government in New Delhi. He asked the MPs to voice their concerns on the floor of Parliament. He said that the people of Andhra Pradesh were not in a position to believe in the dramas being enacted by the ruling party.
Speaking to media persons, Pawan claimed that the center had not taken the decision to withdraw investments from some public sector undertakings only by keeping in view of the Vizag Steel plant and added that the decision had been taken to overcome the problems being faced in operating the PSUs across the country. He however hastened to state that he would consider the Vizag Steel Plant as a symbol of self respect of Andhra People and added that he had met with union home minister Amit Shah on the issue and explained him about the importance of the plant in the eyes of the people of AP.
He also said that he had reminded the union home minister that the families of the farmers who had given their lands to the plant, were still waiting for compensation. He also said that he had told about the sacrifices made by the people of AP during the agitation held for the plant. Pawan said that he had urged the center to consider the steel plant as a special case and take a decision accordingly. 

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