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No curfew, no communal riots in Hyderabad since the last 6 years: Minister KTR


State Minister KTR today said that there were communal rights and no imposition of curfew in state capital Hyderabad during the last six years of rule of their party led TRS government. He said that the law and order situation was also great in the state capital in their rule. He made these remarks while addressing  the Meet the Press ‘ program held by Somajiguda press club in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, KTR asked the critics of the TRS party to think twice about their criticism after putting their hands on their hearts. He also said that the city did not have playing cards  clubs and bomb blasts in their party’s rule. KTR said that the Hyderabad city had occupied 16th position in the installation of CC Cameras in the entire world. He also said that 65 percent of the total CC Cameras of the country were present in Hyderabad. Citing that the city has 5 lakh CC cameras in the state capital, He said that they would increase the number to 10 lakhs in the days to come while noting that all the CC cameras would be linked to the police command and control center. The minister went on to state that the entire country was looking towards Telangana state thanks to the leadership of their CM KCR. He claimed that they had done work after taking into consideration the priorities of the residents of the state. 

KTR also made it clear that they did not burden the residents by increasing the taxes. He said that they had spent Rs.67,000 crore for the development of  the Hyderabad City and added that they would reveal the details of the spent on its development during the next two to three days. He said that they had spent money on the implementation of welfare programs in the state by increasing its income. The minister claimed that they were going ahead with an objective to create lakhs of jobs to the unemployed of the state. He said that Hyderabad had become a magnet to attract investments while stressing it has become possible due to a stable government in the state. He also said that they were providing the job opportunities to the unemployed youth of the state by providing skill development training to them through TASK program.

He also said that the state government was providing meals to 50,000 residents of the city through Annapurna meal scheme. Raising the issue of double bedroom houses scheme, he said that a total of 1 lakh houses were nearing the stage of completion in GHMC limits and added that they had spent Rs.9714 crore to build them.  He said that they had come to the rescue of poor people of the state and migrant workers by paying Rs.1500 financial assistance and free ration during nationwide lockdown. He also said that they had sent the migrant workers to their native places by operating shramik  trains for them free of cost.

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