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National Technology Day 2022 – Unveiling the magic of technology for a sustainable future

The National Technology Day celebrates the significant achievements of scientists, researchers, professors, engineers and all those in the field of science and technology. The celebrations across the country are meant to motivate the youth to choose a career in the field of science and technology.

11th May was declared as National Technology Day by the former Late Prime Minister of India, Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Technology Development Board (TDB) celebrates technology day with various innovations in the field of science and technology that have had a positive impact on the nation. National awards are also presented to individuals on this technology day for their significant contributions to technology.

Mr. Ramana Prasad, the Chairman of AI School of India and Robotix India and USA, appreciated the efforts of the Central and State Governments focusing on including the latest technology as a part of the curriculum. However, he also mentioned that it was essential to concentrate on reducing the learning gap that exists among students due to the loss of two valuable years of learning due to the pandemic. The need of the hour is educators and parents must act proactively to reduce the learning gap as early as possible by strengthening the foundational skills of learners. Mr. Ramana Prasad added that education management should pay attention to experiential and hands-on learning for students, including STEM learning & Artificial Intelligence courses from school.

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 also emphasizes digital literacy and calls for key reforms for schools and higher education institutions to prepare and train the future generation in digital and STEM skills for the digital age. As a part of NEP 2020, both AI and coding are to be included as a part of the curriculum.

The theme for National Technology Day 2022

  • Every year, there is a different theme for National Technology Day. The theme for this year’s National technology day is “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”. 
  • The theme was announced by Mr Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of India.

The rise of technology in India

  • Over the last decade, the number of patents from the tech industry in India has increased by nearly 6 times.
  • The tech industry has witnessed a growth of 15.5%, the highest ever to reach the USD 227 billion mark.
  • Technology has made a deep penetration into various industries like education and e-commerce.
  • The total direct workforce in the IT industry has surpassed 5 million.
  • The emerging technologies in India include artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Mixed Reality, and others. They are rapidly growing and there are great future expectations from them.
  • The IT industry is a huge one and contributes 8% to India’s GDP.
  • The use of emerging technologies is going to play a key role in a sustainable future.

With hope and a commendable mission to transform education towards digitization, we must strongly emphasize the need for digital literacy skills and the inclusion of computational thinking at the foundational level in school. There is an urgent need for holistic development of learners by training and equipping them with 21st-century skills and focusing on experiential learning and critical thinking.

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