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Murty Trust pledges support to Reach to Teach Foundation

Reach to Teach Foundation has been given a five-year grant of INR 5 Crore by the Murty Trust, which is the family foundation of Mr. Narayana Murthy and Mrs. Sudha Murty. The grant is to support the Comprehensive School Transformation Programme that Reach to Teach is rolling out in the North-East. The grant will provide seed support and strengthen Reach to Teach’s ability to deliver a credible and sustainable programme.

Reach to Teach primarily partners with the Education Department of State Governments and works closely with other stakeholders such as parents and the larger community. The organisation also focuses significantly on strengthening the agency of teachers. Currently, Reach to Teach Foundation is working in Arunachal Pradesh through a tripartite agreement with NITI Aayog and the Government of Arunachal Pradesh and is looking to expand this work in Meghalaya and Tripura.  

The Murty Trust is appreciative of the work Reach to Teach is doing in the North-East. To quote Mr. Murthy, “Reach to Teach Foundation’s focus on the North-Eastern part of the country is a welcome initiative. Their Comprehensive School Transformation Programme will go a long way towards enhancing learning outcomes of children in government schools.”

Thanking the Murty Trust, Ratna Viswanathan, Chair of the Board of Reach to Teach Foundation said, “Our School Transformation Toolkit is designed to yield significant improvement in education outcomes. The objective is to strengthen teaching and learning outcomes through restoration of teacher agency and making learning joyful. The grant received from the Murty Trust will go a long way in supporting our endeavour to create public good.”

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