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Mohan Babu University Hosts Conference on ‘Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Bridging AI, Healthcare, and Green Tech’ with Global Experts

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Mohan Babu University, Tirupati, proudly hosted the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Medical Signal Processing, Computing, and Data Communication Systems (NCABCD – 2024) at its Tirupati Campus. This conference aimed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among experts in AI, signal processing, computing, and communication systems to tackle challenges and explore new opportunities in healthcare.

Distinguished keynote speakers included Mrs. Ponsana David, CEO of Thai Green Power Solution, Bangkok, and Dr. Noor Mahammad Sk, Associate Professor at IIITDM, Kancheepuram. Notable guests like Mr. Kandaswamy Murugesan, Founder & MD of Thai Green Power Solution, Bangkok, also graced the event organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

A significant highlight was the panel discussion on “Blockchain Technology for Renewable Energy,” exploring its potential to revolutionize the sector by ensuring transparent and secure transactions, decentralization, and energy traceability. The conference drew over 600 attendees, including B.Tech and M.Tech students and research scholars, facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas on healthcare and renewable energy futures.

The conference showcased key insights into blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and its applications for green power solutions. Additionally, 300 abstracts were received from all over India, of which 230 were accepted, and 180 registrations were received. All presented abstracts will be published with an ISBN number.

The event explored a wide array of topics, ranging from ethical and societal implications to cutting-edge advancements in various fields such as AI in healthcare, autonomous vehicles, governance, diagnostic technologies, wearable health monitoring devices, and more. Discussions also encompassed emerging technologies like brain-computer interfaces, IoT innovations, quantum computing, and cloud computing, as well as cybersecurity threats and smart home technology. The conference sparked valuable discussions to shape the future of these rapidly evolving fields.

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