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MLC Jeevan Reddy slams Govt

MLC Jeevan Reddy,CM KCR

The Congress Party MLC T. Jeevan Reddy today lashed out at state government and alert that it was neglecting the implementation of welfare programs that will help the people of the state.

He alleged that the TRS led state government had neglected the implementation of Center’s Ayushman Bharat program in Telangana. He said that he was happy to note that the state had opened its eyes and decided to implement the health scheme of the central government. He alleged that the state government was showing keen interest on the implementation of the three controversial farm laws of the central government in Telangana. He alleged that both central and state governments were showing negligence on the implementation of various welfare programs . Referring to the decision of the state government to implement EWS scheme, Reddy claimed that the concerned sections had incurred huge amount of loss due to the delay in the implementation of the reservations for the backward sections from the upper caste communities. He also said that the non implementation PT the reservations to the tribals of the state also caused a lot of loss to them while reminding that the tribals people had benefitted a lot due to the provision of six percent reservations in the undivided Andhra Pradesh state .

He said that the tribals were given only six percent reservations despite the fact that their population had reached ten percent in the state. He claimed that 840 tribals students had lost the opportunity to pursue medicine in the state. He alleged that CM KCR was acting in a negligent manner about the provision of the reservations to the tribals. He demanded the CM to convene a special session of the Assembly and pass a law to provide the reservations to the tribal people.

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