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MLC Jeevan Reddy levels allegations against CM KCR

MLC Jeevan Reddy,CM KCR

Congress party MLC T. Jeevan Reddy today came down heavily on the chief minister of the state KCR ans alleged that the CM was trying to implement his arrogant ideas in the state. He said that while the whole
Country was going in one direction CM KCR was going in another direction. He alleged that the CM had not provided 42 percent reservations to the weaker sections of the society despite having the opportunity to do so.
Addressing media persons, he made it clear that the even God didn’t have right take away the reservations of the weaker sections leave alone CM KCR. He said that the state government had provided reservations to the 33 percent t of BCs to contest in the upcoming GHMC elections. He mocked that only the hype of the state government was seen on the GHMC Act 

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