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MLC Jeevan Reddy lashes out at CM KCR

MLC Jeevan Reddy,CM KCR

Congress party MLC T. Jeevan Reddy today slammed the Chief Minister of the State KCR and alleged that the CM was playing with the sentiments of the Dalits of the state. He also alleged that the CM would be reminded of the self respect of the Dalits whenever there is an election in the State .
He further alleged that the CM who had promised to make a Dalit as the CM of the state but became CM himself by retracting from his promise . Speaking to media persons at assembly media point , he said that the CM who had made a Dalit leader as the deputy CM of the state in his first term as the CM , did not do so in his second term. He demanded the CM go to make the Dalits, who are 15 percent of the population, a part of governance while  noting that the CM had made only one Dalit as the minister instead of three ministers as per their population. Reddy alleged that the CM was hurting the feelings of the Dalits and added that KCR had retracted from his promise of providing three acres  of land to the Dalits of the state .
He said that the CM was giving only ₹10 lakh to the Dalits instead of ₹30 lakh in lieu of the three acres of land in the form of Dalit bandhu scheme . He alleged that KCR had deprived 35000 unemployed Dalits by not providing government jobs. He asked the CM as to why he would not give the deputy CM’s post to his cabinet colleague Koppula Eeswar.  He said that KCR did not have the right to seek the votes of the Dalits until he solved their problems.

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