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“Milestone in Medical Education: Telangana Government Makes History with 1,061 Assistant Professor Appointments”

Minister Harish Rao extended a warm welcome to the newly appointed assistant professors who will be serving in government hospitals with the noble aim of providing healthcare services to the public. Speaking at the event held at Shilpalkala Vedika, Minister Harish Rao expressed his gratitude towards the parents and teachers of the assistant professors for their invaluable contribution in shaping their lives and training them to save lives.

Minister Harish Rao acknowledged the commendable efforts of Chief Minister KCR in establishing numerous medical colleges and hospitals to strengthen healthcare in the state. This visionary approach has facilitated the placement of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff in these institutions. As part of this transformative initiative, a record-breaking 1,061 individuals have been simultaneously appointed in 34 specialized fields to serve in teaching hospitals. The Minister hailed this achievement as a revolutionary step in the field of medical education, made possible solely because of Chief Minister KCR’s unwavering support.

He congratulated the Health department for completing the transparent recruitment process and issuing appointment orders within a remarkable timeframe of just five months.

Minister Harish Rao also highlighted the recent appointment of 969 Civil Assistant Surgeons at the same platform, further emphasizing the government’s commitment to strengthening healthcare in the state. Furthermore, he announced the upcoming online recruitment process for 5,204 staff nurse posts through computer-based tests.

Minister Harish Rao acknowledged Chief Minister KCR’s realization of a long-standing dream by regularizing a total of 1,331 contract employees in seven departments of the Health sector. This significant development encompasses various positions, including Multi-Purpose Health Assistants, Lab Technicians, Paramedical Ophthalmic Officers, and Doctors from the Ayush Department. He emphasized that this move signifies the government’s dedication to providing stability and support to its healthcare workforce.

Highlighting the government’s relentless efforts, Minister Harish Rao revealed that over the past nine years, 22,263 posts have been filled in the health department alone, with an ongoing process to fill another 9,222 posts, expected to conclude within the next two to three months. Since the formation of Telangana, the government has initiated the recruitment process for a total of 31,484 posts, reflecting their commitment to providing ample job opportunities.

In response to criticism regarding job creation, Minister Harish Rao asserted that those who claim jobs are not being generated simply cannot recognize the government’s efforts.

He emphasized the significance of doctors in healing patients, stating that while medicines cure diseases, doctors possess the ability to restore patients to full health. Minister emphasized the importance of affectionate relation with the patients,asserting that a kind word and encouragement can alleviate half of their ailments.

Minister Harish Rao emphasized the immense investment the government makes in medical education, urging them to give back to society through their services. He called for greater respect for the medical profession, comparing doctors to soldiers who protect the country and farmers who sustain its food production. Minister Harish Rao underscored the transformative impact of accessible and affordable healthcare, stating that expensive treatments no longer burden the poor.

Highlighting the significant progress in organ transplantation, Minister Harish Rao praised Telangana for providing free organ transplants to the poor, with Hyderabad ranking highest in the country in terms of kidney transplants. He attributed this achievement to the collective hard work of all health department staff, along with Chief Minister KCR’s persistent efforts.

Minister Harish Rao announced the allocation of doctors to remote medical colleges, such as Mahabubabad, Nagar Kurnool, and Jayashankar Bhupalapalli, aiming to enhance healthcare services in these areas. He expressed his aspiration for Telangana to secure the first position in the NITI Aayog ranking and urged everyone to work together towards achieving this goal.

Minister Harish Rao highlighted the government’s successful initiatives in healthcare, such as Mission Bhagiratha, Palle Pragathi, and Pattana Pragathi, which have significantly reduced seasonal diseases. He highlighted the positive impact of Basti Dawakhanas and Palle Dawakhanas in relieving the burden on major hospitals, enabling them to focus more on tertiary services.

Drawing attention to the government’s commitment to healthcare expenditure, Minister Rao revealed an unprecedented budget allocation of Rs. 12,364 crores. He emphasized that the per capita expenditure on medical treatment in Telangana stands at Rs. 3,532, ranking third in the country. Minister proudly mentioned the smooth implementation of online processes, ensuring the availability of medicines and equipment.

Minister Rao further discussed the extensive range of diagnostic tests provided by T Diagnostic, which currently stands at 57 types and is set to increase to 134 within the next month. Previous governments failed to establish sufficient medical colleges, which compelled Telangana students to study abroad.

In contrast, the current government, under Chief Minister KCR’s leadership, has taken remarkable strides in medical education. Last year, eight medical colleges were inaugurated, and an additional nine are set to commence operations this year. Minister Harish Rao proudly announced that eight medical colleges have already received approval from the National Medical Commission.

Comparing the track record of the AP to the nine years since Telangana’s formation, Minister Rao highlighted the establishment of 20 government medical colleges by the current government, surpassing the mere three medical colleges established previously. He credited the newly established medical colleges for providing the opportunity to the assistant professors present at the ceremony.

Minister Harish Rao proudly shared the growth in medical education, stating that while Telangana had only 20 medical colleges (public and private) before 2014, the number has now increased to 55. He emphasized that the establishment of 35 medical colleges within nine years provides a compelling response to those questioning the state’s progress. The number of MBBS seats has also witnessed a substantial rise, from 2,950 in 2014 to 8,340 presently, representing a 71% increase nationwide. Telangana’s increase stands at an impressive 124%. Similarly, in terms of PG seats, Telangana’s increase of 111% surpasses the national growth rate of 68%.

Minister Harish Rao highlighted the recent amendment reserving 85% of B-category seats for Telangana students, enabling 1,071 additional MBBS seats in private medical colleges to be allocated to local students.

Minister applauded the government’s decisions for facilitating medical education within the state, preventing the need for students to pursue studies abroad, far away from their families. He emphasized the government’s dual focus on providing quality medical education while ensuring access to healthcare services at the district level.

Minister Rao revealed the government’s ambitious plans to enhance healthcare infrastructure, including the forthcoming Warangal Health City with 2,000 beds and an investment of 1,100 crores. Additionally, the expansion of Tims hospitals with 1,000 beds, Nims with 2,000 beds, MNJ Hospital with 300 to 750 beds, and the establishment of super specialty MCH in Nims will result in a total of 10,000 super specialty beds. Minister Harish Rao announced the commencement of Warangal Health City later this year.

Minister Harish Rao proudly stated that the number of beds in government hospitals has increased from 17,150 in 2014 to 33,314, with a target of reaching 50,000 beds in new hospitals. He highlighted the significant rise in the number of outpatient (OP) and inpatient (IP) services provided by government hospitals. In 2021, OP services reached 4.23 crores, slightly lower than the previous year’s 4.83 crores. However, IP services increased from 14.16 lakhs to 16.97 lakhs. Minister Rao also highlighted the notable increase in the number of major and minor surgeries, which rose from 2.57 lakhs in 2021 to 3.04 lakhs in 2022.

Minister Harish Rao expressed satisfaction with the government’s efforts in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates. He stated that the maternal mortality rate has been reduced from 92 to 43, while the infant mortality rate has decreased from 39 to 29. Minister Rao attributed these positive outcomes to initiatives such as KCR kits, Amma Odi vehicles, and the provision of four ANC checkups.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to safe institutional deliveries, Minister proudly shared a report from the center stating that Telangana is the only state achieving 100% safe institutional deliveries. While the national average for deliveries conducted by medical professionals is 89%, Telangana has achieved a commendable 100% rate.

Minister Harish Rao acknowledged the vital role of assistant professors in teaching, research, and treatment. He assured them of the government’s support in providing the necessary facilities for research, aiming to foster groundbreaking research within the state.

Minister emphasized the need for Telangana to lead the country in medical research, highlighting the state’s top ranking in the field of Health, while contrasting it with Uttar Pradesh’s lowest rank.

Concluding his speech, Minister Harish Rao attributed the development and progress of Telangana to the formation of the state and Chief Minister KCR’s visionary leadership. He urged everyone present to work collectively towards the state’s advancement and the betterment of healthcare services.

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