Lyrical video of ‘Atta Ettaga’ from ‘Sagileti Katha’ unveiled digitally by music director Radhan

‘Sagileti Katha’, produced by Ashok Arts and Shade Entertainment, is led by the talented Raviteja Mahadasyam and Vishika Laxman. Set in a Rayalaseema village, this content-driven film is written, edited, shot and directed by newcomer Rajasekhar Sudmoon. The comedy-drama is presented by hero Navdeep’s C-Space and is jointly produced by Deviprasad Balivada and Ashok Mittapally. The trailer has already been released and is a big hit. Musical promotions were started recently with the release of a song titled ‘Edo Jarigey’. The movie is winning the hearts of the listeners, one song at a time.

Music director Radhan has launched the second lyrical song from ‘Sagileti Katha’. Titled ‘Atta Ettaga’, the enjoyable song is written by Rajasekhar Sudmoon and Jaswanth Pasupuleti. Sung by Yashwanth Nag (of ‘Pareshan’ fame) and Kamala Manohari, the song has been set to tune by Jaswanth.

The makers said that every song in ‘Sagileti Katha’ comes with a unique mood and concept, more so ‘Atta Ettaga’. This song starts with a scene where a boy and a girl fall in love at first sight. The whole setting and the flavour of the song are sure to impress youngsters.

After completing its censor formalities, the film will be released in theatres on a suitable date.


Ravi Mahadasyam, Vishika Laxman, Narasimha Prasad Pantagani.


Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Rajasekhar Sudmoon
Co-Writer: Shashikant Billapati, Mani Prasad Arakula
Producers: Ashok Mittapally, Deviprasad Balivada
In association with: C space
Executive Producer: Naresh Madineni
Associate Producers: Pushpabhaskar, Sunil Kumar Anandan, Leela Krishna Kondepati
Line Producer: Chandu Kothagundla
Music Director: Jaswanth Pasupuleti
Background Music: Sanal Vasudev
Lyrics: Varikuppala Yadagiri, Pavan Kundani, Rajsekhar Sudmoon, Shashikanth Billapati, Jaswanth Pasupuleti
PRO: Tirumalasetty Venkatesh
Art Directors: Hemant G, Aishwarya Kulkarni
Costume Designer: Harshanjali Senikeshi
Sound Designer: Yati Raju
Sound Mixing: Shyamala Sikdar
DI: Konduru Deepak Raju
Publicity Designer: M.K.S Manoj

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