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Lockdown impacts TSRTC operations

Coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty. Doubts are being raised on reopening of schools. There is no clarity if and when exams and evaluation would be completed.

The impact of corona virus is perhaps the worst on state owned Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC). The state government has banned the operations of the entire corporation ever since the lockdown was declared in the state. As a result, the corporation is losing ₹3.5 crore income every day. The corporation has 10,400 buses spread across its 97 depot of the state.

All these fleet of buses have now been confined to the depots due to the lockdown. Generally, The corporation spends ₹4.9 crore on diesel to run its buses every day  and serve 36 lakh people every day. It requires ₹230 crore to pay the salaries of its employees every month. However, barring the money it spends on the purchase of diesel, the corporation is incurring losses due to the lockdown. It is however serving the police and health department officials by picking them up from their places of residences to their places of work every day and making its small contribution in the fight against COVID 19.

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