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Lockdown decision in three days : Etala


Health Minister Etela Rajender today said that city people are fearing to Corona cases and a decision on another  lockdown in Hyderabad will be taken in a cabinet meeting in about three days. He expressed serious concern that some people are carrying wrong campaign in social media on rising Corona cases testing and related issues in the city.  To contain the virus spread the cabinet may take a decision on lockdown in two to three days he said. 

Talking to press persons he said that the people should not fear and need to be careful such false information. He condemned that some vested elements are carrying out misinformation campaign on the cover tests.  Despite thousands of cases being treated there is wrong information.  The people have to be careful such campaign the health minister said. The state government has been conducting timely tests and offering treatment on testing positive for Corona he clarified.  The Government hospitals at King Koti, Fever Hospital or Osmania General Hospital are ready and the staff is offering tests even in midnights, he said. The cases are more in Hyderabad and controlled the cases in the villages which have no fear.  To check cases in the city we gave discussed with Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.  KCR will decide on whether lockdown is required in the city in a few days. 

He said that 258 health staff of government hospitals and 36 of private hospitals are tested positive. We cannot blame them as the tests are conducted as per ICMR guidelines.  More tests will be conducted from tomorrow and death rate is less in our country.  While national average death rate of Corona cases is 3 percent it is only 1.7 in Telangana he added.

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