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Komatireddy demands apologies from CM KCR, his son KTR

Komatireddy,LRS as dark GO

Congress party MP from Bhongir Komatireddy Venkat Reddy today demanded apologies from the chief minister of the state KCR  and his KTR, who is also the State Minister for Industries for retracting from their promise of paying the monetary flood relief amount at the doorsteps of the victims. He claimed that state minister KTR had on several occasions announced that they would provide the flood relief by visiting the houses of the victims.

Reddy said that scores of the victims of the floods had not yet received the monetary relief. He said that the victims were queuing before Mee-seva centers in large numbers now to apply for the flood relief online. He alleged that managements of the Mee-seva centers were not receiving the applications from the victims although they are standing up before their centers from the dawn to the dusk. He said that most of the victims who are standing up in the queues, were women, children, nursing mothers  and old age people.

The MP claimed that several victims fell at the Mee-seva centers after being tired completely. He made it clear that the TRS led state government were insulting the victims by forcing them to stand up in the long queues. He also made it clear that the money being given by the state government was not enough to assuage the pain of the victims completely. He alleged that the TRS party was also trying to win in the upcoming GHMC elections by taking the help of MIM Party. He said that the residents of GHMC would teach a befitting lesson to the TRS party.

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