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KL Deemed to be University Hosts International Conference on Innovations and Challenges in Mechanical Engineering with Resounding Success

KL Deemed to be University, India’s leading University proudly hosted the highly anticipated International Conference on Innovations and Challenges in Mechanical Engineering (ICICME-2023) with tremendous enthusiasm. The conference was organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University whichserved as a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of mechanical engineering.

During the conference, esteemed researchers and experts from prestigious institutions across the globe such as National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan Dr. Te-Wei Chiu and Dr. S. Sakthinathan, IIT Bhubaneswar, Dr. V. Pandu Ranga, Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati, Dr. Mamilla Ravi Sankar, retired Senior Engineer/Scientist from ISRO, Dr. Helen Basil, and IIT Bombay, Prof. Pradeep Dixit and shared their valuable insightsand covered a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering disciplines.

The conference, held virtually on 15th and 16th May 2023, aimed to create a platform for researchers, academicians, and industry professionals to share their innovative ideas and cutting-edge research in the realm of mechanical engineering.  In addition to the keynote speeches, the conference featured presentations from 46 participants, who showcased their research findings and innovative solutions across various domains of mechanical engineering.

On the occasion, Dr.G Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice Chancellor, KL Deemed to be University said, “I am proud of the collective efforts and meaningful deliberations that have propelled us towards a brighter and more collaborative future in this dynamic field. This conference has truly served as a remarkable platform, unveiling groundbreaking advancements and transformative breakthroughs in the sector. We remain committed to advancing engineering innovations and fostering fruitful collaborations as we continue on this journey of global progress.

The enthusiastic engagement, lively discussions, and idea exchange among esteemed researchers, experts, and participants have enriched the conference. The presentations encompassed a wide range of topics, including robotics, energy systems, materials engineering, thermal sciences, and more. Latest advancements in thin film materials, the significance of sustainable alternatives, the impact of micromachining using bio-organisms, the role of additive manufacturing and automation, the importance of autonomous vehicle navigation in the aerospace industry, and the need for breakthrough innovations in space exploration and many more topics were discussed.

The smooth execution and conducive environment for fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing was the dedicated efforts of the faculty members, staff, convener Dr. T. Vijaya Kumar  and co-conveners Dr. S. N. Padhi, Dr. S. S. Rao and Dr. G. Murali who collectively workedin ensuring the success of ICICME-2023.As conferences like ICICME-2023 continue to make significant strides, KL Deemed to be University remains steadfast in its dedication to propel engineering innovations, foster fruitful collaborations, and spearhead global progress in this ever-evolving field.

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