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KCR urges people to protect environment


The Chief Minister of the state  K Chandrasekhar Rao today  urged people in the State to protect environment on the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5). The CM said the existing Corona pandemic situation had once again proved that there was no other wealth as precious as the environment protection. He said the sordid situation of people desperately seeking pure air to save their lives could be overcome only through the protection of environment. 

The CM said that Telangana state government, which realized that there was no wealth other than protecting the environment, had initiated several measures and action plans to hand over a healthy environment to the future generations. He said there was ban imposed on the cheap quality of plastics usage and programs like Haritha Haram aimed at increasing the green cover are implemented.  Several programs implemented to increase the standards of environment in rural and urban areas were also helping to develop the environment. They also won acclaim at the national levels. Through Irrigation and drinking water projects, pure water is supplied for irrigation and drinking water purposes. He said through several schemes the production of vegetables, milk, meat, food grains increased and people in the state are getting nutritious food. The diversion of river waters for the irrigation projects had also providing green cover and a balanced environment.

The CM wanted people in the State to become partners in protecting the environment and also the Green Telangana State with biodiversity.

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