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KCR lockdown approach unscientific: Owaisi tells Govt to impose night curfew

Asaduddin Owaisi

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeem (AIMIM) Chief and Hyderabad MP, Asaduddin Owaisi today criticized that the government approach is unscientific to check Corona cases as the lockdown is not a solution. It is good if night curfew imposed instead of the lockdown as it ruined the lives of people he said.

In Telugu he tweeted against the lockdown and suggested the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to impose night curfew.

He said that it is not humanitarian policy to impose lockdown which is not solution for the Corona.  We can fight it with vaccination, and protocols he said and adding that night curfew will help address the issues. Expressing concern at lockdown began  from May 12 for devastating effects and sought to impose night curfew.

Owaisi remarks made at a time when KCR is to decide in the cabinet at 2 pm in Pragati Bhavan on whether to extend lockdown with some more hours relaxation or go in for night curfew. To check people movement and virus spread mini lockdown with less hours in Covid-19 clusters is suggestible. As the Cabinet to decide on it at 2pm his tweet in Telugu gone viral as netizens welcomed him in awe  against the lockdown.

Owaisi said that the government prefer night curfew to lockdown which deny work and income and deprive money and food for people. Lockdown is not at all a solution for Corona which can be fought in the long run through protocols, and vaccination he averred. Since the cases dip before May 12 when lockdown began now it is not necessary to extend as it ruin lives besides police harassment. The government is turning public health crisis as law and order problem.  It is not scientific approach and not adopting humanitarian policy. The lockdown, ending on May 30 which began on 12, has ruined the lives of the poor, traders and caused loss of employment and income for livelihood he expressed serious concern.

Owaisi sought the Chief Minister to impose night curfew and avoid lockdown. Owaisi said that to reduce public movement either night curfew or mini lockdown in Covid clusters is suggestible. He said that just by giving only four hours it is not correct to ask 3.5 Cr people face ordeal of the  lockdown for weeks. The MIM chief expressed concern that the street vendors, hawkers, sellers of fruits, vegetables, tea, milk, paper and small traders have suffered a lot due to lockdown in the state. Since it has become a problem to earn livelihood during the curbs there is no use of the lockdown, Asaduddin Owaisi felt.

The Hyderabad MP hoped that the Telangana government will honour the poor and workers to get time to earn their livelihood. He already expressed disappointment at the curbs, urged to increase timings and objected that the police misbehaviour with the food delivery boys who are allowed to deliver during clamp down.

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