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Kavitha to present golden saree to Balkampet Yellamma to mark KCR birthday: Talasani


To mark the birth anniversary of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao several programs will be organised in the city and state on Feb 17, according to Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav. 
He released a CD comprising songs to mark the occasion which were sung by Rahul Sipligunt and Madhu Priya. The minister disclosed that a 30 minute of special documentary will be presented at Jala Vihar on the childhood, Telangana movement and statehood achieved by KCR.
On the occasion the minister said that MLC Kavitha will offer a golden saree to the goddess at Balkampet Yellamma temple on Feb 17. Wide ranging pujas and abhishekas will be conducted in the temples of the twin cities. 
The minister said that Mrutyunjaya homam, Ayushu homam, Anna prasadam and others will be conducted. 
He also said that several programs of pujas and rituals will be held at Ujjani Mahankali temple in Secundreabad. We are organising for distributing sarees among 300 women to mark the occasion. In addition to fruits distribution to poor dattis will be presented at Hazrat Darga in Nampally and special pujas in Guru Grandh Saheb he informed.

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