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Jagga reddy welcomes CM KCR’s decision to restore old registration process

jagga reddy

The Congress party MLA T. Jagga Reddy today welcomed the decision of the chief minister of the state to restore the old registration process for the registration of non agriculture properties. He said that he was happy about the decision.

In a statement Reddy said that the decision of the state government on the controversial LRS issue was still pending. He said that the people of the state were suffering a lot financially due to Covid- 19 virus. He said that a person who has bought a plot for Rs.3 lakh was now forced to pay same amount of money towards the LRS. He made it clear that the people of the state were not in a position to such a huge amount.

He urged the CM to take a decision on the issue and remove the burden from the shoulders of the people of the state. He urged the Chief Minister to collect only Rs.10, 000 from the LRS applicants and regularise their properties. He said that the people of the state would appreciate such a good decision.

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