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Jagga Reddy asks people to not pay LRS fee

jagga reddy

Congress party MLA T. Jagga Reddy today asked the people of the state to not LRS fee . He said that the people of the state were suffering a lot due to Covid 19 virus. He said that the congress party government would regularize the plots of the people of the state without Collecting fee from them.

He alleged that the state government was trying to fill up its coffers in the name of Kaleswaram project. He urged the people who are suffering from different problems to not pay the LRS fee after becoming debt ridden. He also urged the people of the state to think about how to protect the government properties. He asked the state government as to how the LRS thought came to it suddenly.

He alleged that the CM KCR was looting Rs.1 lakh from the people by giving Rs.5000 under Rythu Bandhu scheme.

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