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IIIT-Bangalore Receives Prestigious ‘Green University Award 2023’ at NYC Green School Conference

In a remarkable achievement that underscores its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-Bangalore) was honored with the esteemed ‘Green University Award 2023’ during the 7th NYC Green School Conference held in New York on September 15, 2023. The award was received by Mr. Udaya Hegde, a Governing Body Member and Alumni of IIIT-Bangalore, on behalf of the entire IIIT-Bangalore campus community.

IIIT-Bangalore’s exceptional dedication to fostering a green and sustainable campus environment stood out amidst the bustling energy of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The institution’s commitment to reducing “3W” pollutions (weather, water, waste) and promoting eco-conscious practices has set a benchmark for educational institutions worldwide.

Key Highlights of IIIT-Bangalore’s Sustainable Campus:

9 Acre Green Oasis: The campus, home to over 1500 students, faculty, staff, and others, boasts an expansive 41% green space, allowing nature to thrive alongside academics.

Solar Power Generation: IIIT-Bangalore harnesses solar power to meet 40% of its energy needs, with a 500KVA Solar Plant producing approximately 0.7 million KWH of solar power annually.

Water Conservation: The campus efficiently recycles 55,000 Kilo Liters of wastewater annually, meeting 50% of its water requirements while collecting rooftop rainwater to fulfill an additional 10%.

Waste Management: IIIT-Bangalore ensures 100% waste segregation at the source, operates a bio-gas plant, and composts wet and garden waste in-house, significantly reducing landfill waste.

Renewable Energy and Biodiversity: The campus is a haven for biodiversity, with 487 trees of 60 species attracting various birds and butterflies. Its design maximizes natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and fans.

Prof. Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT-Bangalore, said “IIIT-Bangalore’s sustainability initiatives extend beyond the campus, as we encourage student community in green initiatives such as tree planting campaigns, marathons to promote environmental conservation and to donate their used apparel and footwear to those in need.”

The impact of IIIT-Bangalore’s efforts is evident through its diverse bird population, which includes both resident and transitory species. The campus’s lush green spaces, ponds, and vegetation have become a welcoming habitat for numerous bird species, emphasizing its commitment to preserving the environment.

Mr. Jagadish Patil, Chief Administration Officer, IIIT-Bangalore said, “In addition to the environmental initiatives, IIIT-Bangalore has embraced digital technologies to reduce paper usage and actively promote academic book swapping among students, contributing to a sustainable academic ecosystem.

Receiving the ‘Green University Award 2023’ underscores IIIT-Bangalore’s steadfast commitment to forging a sustainable future, while simultaneously igniting inspiration within the global academic community to embrace this noble cause.”

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