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ICAR-NRCM and IIP entered MoU for facilitating Collaborative Research, Training and Extension


Two important National bodies ICAR-NRCM and Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) entered a Memorandum of Understanding on Wednesday evening for facilitating Collaborative Research, Training and Extension.
The MoU was signed and exchanged by Prof (Dr.) Tanweer Alam, Director of IIP-Mumbai and Dr. S.B Barbuddhe, Director of ICAR-National Research Centre on Meat at ICAR-NRCM office at Chengicherla, here.
The MoU is initially for five years and extendable on mutual consent.
Both organizations have recognized the importance of research and development in the areas of meat packaging, as well as imparting industrial training to the students of packaging. And we agreed to participate jointly in undertaking students and research projects as per the expertise and resources available with NRCM and IIP.
NRCM will facilitate Research and guidance for joint research projects, which are mutually beneficial to IIP and NRCM and seek funding from outside agencies. It will share expertise on basic and applied research in various facets of meat science & technology for the PG students, research scholars and staff of IIP as per the Institute’s/ICAR’s guidelines from time to time.
It will also share facilities for undertaking Postgraduate (PG) and Doctoral research projects when carried out at the premises of the NRCM as per the requirement and approved plan of work. All these are facilitated towards mutual benefits stated by Dr. S.B. Barbuddhe. 
The IIP will provide Facilities (Laboratory, Library and Field) for cooperative research in the areas of mutual interest to the staff of NRCM as per the agreements from time to time added Dr. Tanveer Alam. 
The Joint responsibilities of both the organizations include are facilitate each-other’s infrastructure and facilities to scientists, faculty, research scholars and students; to undertake research based on the location-specific problems on mutual agreement. To prepare joint research projects, which are mutually beneficial to IIP and NRCM and seek funding from outside agencies.  It will also enable the exchange of visits by faculty members and scientists for academic and research purposes.
The ICAR-NRCM offers to permit PG students for a period ranging from 3-12 months to work on thesis-based programs under the joint supervision of IIP and NRCM staff.
Packaging is a very important element in meat science to increase the shelf life of a wide variety of meat products. That is why we sought packaging intervention from IIP said Dr. S.B. Barbuddhe. 
Modern Meat packaging technologies include says Dr. Kandeepan.. G, Senior Scientist with ICAR-NRCM, is vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, controlled atmosphere packaging, active packaging, smart packaging, etc. These strive to enhance food safety and quality naturally as far as possible. At our end, we are working on many technologies to improve the shelf life of meat. We have developed a non-censor, a sticker, which is made up of natural pigments and nano material.” 
“This sensor when used in meat packaging senses biochemical or microbial changes in the food. It can detect specific pathogens developing in the food or specific gases from food spoiling and change the color accordingly. This indicates whether meat is suitable to consume or not. We have developed this technology but it is yet to be commercialized”, he said.

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