With increase in mobile use, there has been a rapid spurt in cyber crimes in the country.  Unscrupulous elements are inventing different methods to cheat the people and ironically enough even educated and highly placed people are becoming victims of cyber crimes and parting with their hard earned money. 

         According to the Ministry of Electronic and I T,   there is a rapid increase in cyber crimes during the past six years.  The number cyber crimes in the country in 2015 was 49.455 and the number increased to 50.362 in 2016. 53.117 in 2017. 2.08.456 in 2018. 3.94.499 in 2019 and 6.96.938 during 2020 . As can be seen, the increase has been very high year by year.  

         Reports in the media show that major cyber crimes are taking place almost every day and the fraudsters are taking to new methods to cheat the gullible people. 
         What is intriguing is that the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, the Banks, Life Insurance Corporation, the local police officials and other agencies are warning the people about various cyber crimes from time to time, but yet the number of frauds are increasing, which means that people are not taking due note of the warnings on one hand and that they are greedy and wants to make easy money on the other. When a message comes on the mobile saying your mobile has won a huge amount in a lottery,  they don’t think a while as to how they won the lottery even when they have not participated in it in any way. Cheating in the name of friendship, love dispensary, marriage, verification of OTP, getting Bonus on your Insurance policy are only some of the ways used by fraudsters to cheat people.  New methods are being invented by fraudsters.  Beware!!

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