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Historic budget, TRS will win polls: Talasani

State capital divided into 17 zones- Talasani

Telangana budget 2021-22 is historic at national level as it focuses on both welfare and development of the state, according to Minister for Animal Husbandry Talasani Srinivas Yadav. The minister claimed that the TRS candidates will win the graduate MLC polls as the leads continue in our favour. The voting was good and the graduates responded positively as we saw a huge number of turn out in the polls. The TRS candidates Vani Devi and Palla Rajeshwar Reddy will clinch the Hyderabad and Nalgonda segments he said.
 Addressing a press conference at TRS LP officer here with whip G Sunitha and others, the Minster claimed that the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao gets credits for the huge budget of Rs 2.30 lakh crore. The budget is for inclusive growth and welfare of the poor, farmers and other sections he said.
He lashed out at the opposition parties for their comments that the budget is just a jugglery of numbers and the funds of the previous budget were not spent.
The minister accused the opposition parties of the BJP and the Congress of resorting to misinformation campaign for political gain. It is the historic budget in any state at national level and we continue to focus on the welfare of the poor and continuous development, he maintained.
The minister further hit out that the BJP and the Congress members in the house are trying to hijack the session during the Assembly budget procedures. The government has allocated adequate funds to his animal husbandry and other sectors priority wise he said. The minister said that the allocations made as per directions of the chief minister and all sectors will be developed. Finance Minister T Harish Rao presented the budget in the house and the allocations are good, he claimed. The sectors that got better allocation of the funds are animal husbandry, welfare, agriculture, loan waiver, irrigation, IT and others, he said.
Also the city got funds for water, roads and facilities the minister said. Srinivas Yadav said that the dairy development wing which was facing Rs 30 cr debts is now on the growth path with Rs 60 cr of benefits. This significant development can be attributed to the plans and vision of the chief minister.
There are about 30 lakhs of families who rely on the milk production and supply and they get timely help and support from the government. He listed out the programs like sheep, fish and others for community development. While Mission Bhagiratha, Kakatiya, loan waiver, rythu bandhu, rythu vedika, bhima and pensions are a big help for the people and various communities. In the same way the chief minister gives Rs 1 lakh and above to the marriage of girls of poor community through Shadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi he said. 

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