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Gurucool takes another step toward change with the SupergirlsK initiative

Gurucool, an educational networking platform that offers a suite of phygital (physical+digital) tools to connect learners and educators, is all set to launch an all-new initiative aiming to provide free and quality education to a thousand girls annually. With a vision to democratize education and, making it universally accessible and empathetic, through the SupergirlsK project, the venture has planned and strategized to cater to and focus on the education as well as the upbringing of the girls- girls who are socio-economically deprived in terms of being a Highschool Dropout looking to get back to their academic/career pursuits, girls facing financial constraints to pay off the formal coaching costs, girls belonging to orthodox/conservative families or the girls who multi-manage domestic responsibilities and studies.

Samia Siddiqui, the Project Lead for SupergirlsK mentions, “There are thousand others who wanted to study but due to family restrictions they are unable to do so. That is why we are commencing our classes on hybrid mode to make our classes feasible for our SuperGirls in their safe space”

Through this initiative, Gurucool aims to provide every girl signed with them an equal and fair opportunity to get admitted in India’s top educational institutes for courses they seem fit. Gurucool envisions eliminating the socio-economic divide of quality education being delivered with coaching institutes monetizing their educational resources for students. The deteriorating condition of girls in India in aspects of education, health accessibility, political representation and economic participation is a major driving factor behind the goal of this campaign.

Highlighting the initiative’s vision, Adil Meraj, Founder and CEO of Gurucool explains, “Education is the most vital catalyst for change. It benefits not only the individual but also the entire community and future generations. This is why it becomes important for organisations like ours to go an extra mile for the same. SupergirlsK is an effort to provide the best coaching opportunity to girls who are socio-economically deprived. We intend to offer our learners connectivity with the best tutors and mentors for personal learning and growth. The SupergirlsK venture is an idea and a process we as a team are passionate about and we want to reach out to as many girl beneficiaries as possible and cater our resources to them so that one day they become supergirls.”

The program will be available to girl students from across India on Padhaai’s digital platform. With appealing features like – GirlGurus, free live classes, provision of learning resources, personalized schedules, counselling services (for parents and students both), academic and career guidance along with a safe, empathetic learning environment, this initiative is aiming to meet its targets.

Contribute your part to this initiative and take a step toward creating a better and more democratic world with equal educational opportunities for all because Super Girls aren’t born, they are educated!

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