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Governor salutes frontline workers

Andhra Pradesh Governor  Biswabhushan Harichandan today praised the services of all the frontline workers of the state.
Addressing a joint session of the state legislature, he said that the state had become a role model for the entire country in the prevention of the virus. He said that the second wave of the virus was very strong in the state since February this year . He said that the country had registered more than 4 lakh Covid cases and the added that the number of deaths were very high in the second wave.’ He said that the state government was providing the Covid treatment in all private hospitals of the state  under its Aarogyasri scheme. He also said that they had imported criaogenic oxygen from foreign countries.
He said that the COVID had affected the economy of the state and added that the state government did not stop the implementation of all its welfare programs. He also said that they had fulfilled all its 95 percent promises. He said that of the total 80 lakh tests performed by them, 14.54 lakh people tested positive to the Covid virus . He said that they had supplied 590 metric tonnes of oxygen every day. He said that they had provided financial assistance to 47 lakh students under Jagananna Vidya Kanika scheme . He said that they had administered the first dose of the Covid vaccine to 53.28 lakh and the second dose of the Covid vaccine to 21.64 lakh people of the state .
He said that they had allocated Rs. 4979.30 crore under Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme and Rs.1049 crores under Jagananna Vasanthi scheme. He said that they had taken up the modernisation of 15717 schools of the state under Mana Badi scheme. He said that they had allocated Rs.25714 crore to the education department of the state for the implementation of all kinds of schemes.

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