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GITAM University Partners with The Future Kids School to Support School Graduates’ Smooth Transition to Higher Education

GITAM (Deemed to be University) has entered a partnership with The  Future Kids School, a well-regarded ICSE-affiliated school in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, to facilitate  a smoother transition for The Future Kids School graduates to higher education. The partnership  significantly benefits deserving graduates of the school by making them eligible for scholarships to pursue  undergraduate programs at GITAM across various disciplines and equips them for success in a dynamic  world.  

Elaborating on the partnership, Mr. Dayanada Siddavattam, Vice Chancellor of GITAM (Deemed to  be University), said, “This partnership with The Future Kids School is a strategic investment in their  academic and professional futures. By nurturing young minds with critical thinking skills from a young  age, we’re nurturing exceptional students prepared to tackle global challenges and lead innovation at  GITAM.” 

Notably, the Future Kids School’s curriculum emphasises critical thinking skills, preparing students for  academic excellence. This MoU aligns well with GITAM’s applied learning approach, which integrates  theory with real-world applications. Additionally, the trilingual method at The Future Kids School, with  English as the medium of instruction, complements GITAM’s global perspective. The shared emphasis on  applied learning at both institutions creates a smoother academic journey for The Future Kids School  students transitioning to GITAM University. This reduces the need for significant adjustments in learning  styles, allowing students to focus on building upon their existing knowledge base.  

Talking about the partnership, Mr. Rudra Sree Mahaswi Yeleti, CEO of The Future Kids School, said,”  The collaboration between The Future Kids School in Rajahmundry and GITAM ensures our students  access to exceptional learning experiences. This initiative will provide them with practical exposure,  blending seamlessly into the ever-evolving landscape of the future.”  

The partnership was signed in the presence of Mr. Sesha Giridhar, Principal, and Ms. Harshini, Academic  Head, from The Future Kids School, as well as Mr. D. Gunasekaran, Registrar, Mr. Gouthama Rao Yejju,  Pro VC, and Mr. Nirmal Ramo, CMO, from GITAM (Deemed to be University). 

This collaboration signifies a significant development for The Future Kids School. By partnering with  GITAM, The Future Kids School can now provide its students with a strong foundation and a direct path  to a future at a leading multi-disciplinary university known for its focus on the practical application of  knowledge. 

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