FGV Co to invest in oil palm sector: KTR

Minister K T Rama Rao today stated that the government will encourage companies to invest in oil palm sector in the state. FGV company agreed to invest in oil palm sector in Siricilla segment and other places.

Along with Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy, KTR discussed the oil palm production plan with a delegation of FGV company.

This company has been into oil palm sector in Malaysia and came forward invest in oil palm sector in Telangana.

FGV Company invited the ministers to visit activities in Malaysia to take stock of oil palm production practices.

KTR said that he would surely visit Malaysia with Niranjan Reddy and a team of officials.

KTR said that the government plans to encourage oil palm, commercial crops and benefit giving market demand crops in the state. We are asking the farmers to focus on oil palm production, alternative and commercial crops he said.

The company said to invest in Siricilla district and a few other places in the state in oil palm sector.

KTR urged the FGV company to invest in seed processing plabt and oil palm nursery.

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