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Etela confirms the missing Covid 19 patient’s death

Eatala Rajender

State Health Minister Etela Rajender today confirmed the death of a missing Covid 19 patient . He said that they did not reveal the death of the patient to his family members as they were concerned about the health condition of the family members. He said that the name of the missing person was Eeswaraiah. He died within 24 hours after his admission at Gandhi Hospital due to Covid 19 virus. He also said that the son of Eeswaraiah also died on April 1.

The Minister added that they did not reveal the death news of Eeswaraiah to his wife as they thought she would not be able to bear the shock of two deaths in the family. He also said that they performed the last rites of Eeswaraiah with the help of GHMC staff. The Minister also made it clear  that the victim had approached four to Five hospitals before visiting the Gandhi hospital. He added that the victim due to co-morbid conditions.

The news of the death of the came to light after his wife approached state minister KTR on his Twitter account. She told the minister that her husband had been missing ever since he was admitted at Gandhi hospital. She also told him that although they returned to their homes after recovering completely from Covid 19 virus, her husband didn’t return home.

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