‘Do the BJP leaders want CM to show disrespect towards P M?’

“One fails to understand why the BJP leaders are finding fault with the Chief Minister KCR offering Namaskar to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi?  Do they want the C M to show disrespect towards the country’s Prime Minister, just because he belongs to other party?”

       This is how an auto rickshaw driver reacted to the remarks made by State BJP President Bandi Sanjay and BJP MP Rajkumar Chouhan at Siddipet on Tuesday. Is there anything wrong in the C M criticising the Centre and the P M on issues relating to the State? The  C M points out the deficiencies of the Centre and the P M and it does not mean he (CM)  should show disrespect towards the P M  or fight with him when he meets the latter, he said. 

         The State BJP leaders are making wild allegations against the Chief Minister and also repeatedly demanding him to fulfill the assurances he had given earlier. Being in the opposition, they can definitely do so. But, some of their remarks are meaningless. They find fault with the C M for ever thing,  just to mislead the people and gain politically,  with an eye on the Huzurabad bye-election. They however,  forget the hard realities that the State is forging ahead in many fields and doing far,  far better than many  BJP or Congress ruled States in the country.  

        Even after the C M had declared that Dalith Bandhu would be implemented across the State in a phased manner, the BJP leaders are repeatedly demanding that it should be implemented in the entire state. Do they have guts  at least to suggest to the BJP chief ministers or to the Prime Minister to implement similar programme at least in one parliamentary constituency in each state?. he quipped. The BJP leaders should realise the fact that almost all sections of people are benefitted with the State government schemes and they would not like meaningless criticism of the CM,  he remarked.

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