Digital Launch of IGBC Green Service Buildings Rating System

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Indian Green Building Council has digitally launched the IGBC Green Service Buildings Rating System on May 23. The rating system is the 26th rating of the Indian Green Building Council.  V Suresh, Chairman, IGBC and  Gurmit Singh Arora, Vice Chairman, IGBC, launched the rating on digital platform with over 400 participants from across the country.

V Suresh said, “Understanding the challenges in implementing the green features by service buildings and small office buildings, the Council has developed and launched the rating system exclusively to address such building typologies.”

Arora has emphasized that, “the cost of certified green buildings is reducing year-on-year and presently the additional investment is only 1-2% higher than a conventional building, which is equally applicable for small buildings”.

            The rating system is applicable to both new and existing buildings. The rating majorly focuses on service buildings such as petro stations, substations, police stations, fire stations and other small buildings such as offices, banks, retail and healthcare facilities (without in-patient services).

            Some of the uniquegreen concepts addressed in the rating system are Green procurement policy, Green measures beyond the fence, Passive architecture, Use of alternative construction technologies &materials and Green measures cost analysis.

            By adopting the Service buildings rating tool, the projects would achieve various tangible and intangible benefits including energy & water savings and health & well-being of occupants.

            The rating system also acknowledges and awards points to the projects which addresses health & hygiene and Covid19 aspects.

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