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CM hits out at BJP on flood aid


TRS supremo and  Chief Minister,  K Chandrasekhar Rao hit out at the BJP Government at the Centre for not giving a single rupee for state development, while state leaders talking lies on it. 

He was addressing a meeting of party MPs, MLAs,  MLCs ahead of the polls at Telangana Bhavan here. 

KCR stated that the congress is its rival in the polls and not the BJP. The BJP denies funds and cones in the way of aid to flood victims is painful, he felt.  He expressed serious displeasure that the BJP is deliberately coming in the way of giving financial support to flood victims. 

Despite denying our GST share,  financial aid the BJP comes in the way of welfare,  he charged.  Though we are trying to help the flood victims the BJP stalled the process from me-seva centers he alleged.  Let us show our strength in the polls to the opposition parties, he exhorted  the party rank and file. 

            KCR while slamming the BJP for false propaganda has said that the saffron government failed to support our state.  The BJP,  he said,  is  not really our rival as the Congress on gimmicks during GHMC polls.  He accused the BJP of stalling financial support meant for flood victims through mee-seva, centers.

The Chief Minister has directed the party leaders to display TRS power in the polls to the opposition parties.  Take the welfare schemes and development programs to people and win majority of the seats in the GHMC polls.   The poll body has stalled mee-seva help of Rs 10000 to flood victims as the poll code comes, into effect. 

The BJP urged the EC to stall financial aid to flood victims and stars election commission has issued orders.   It clarified that the financial aid can be offered after the polls and code closure.

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