Civil society movement launched to save the country: Seetharam Yechuri

CPM National Secretary Seetharam Yechuri today said that a National Level Civil Society movement had been launched to save the country. He alleged that Prime Minister Narendra  Modi was destroying the four pillars of democratic that protect the Indian constitution .

He made these remarks while addressing a Maha Dharna program held at Indra Park by all opposition political parties. Congress party, CPM, CPI and TJS parties took part in the dharna Program.

Speaking on the occasion he raised the issue of the foreign tours of PM Modi and doubted that there was a hidden agenda behind those foreign trips. He said that they were scared that Modi might sell something during his foreign trips. He said that food grains stocks  were lying idle in the godowns  of the country. He demanded the central government to announce an economic package of ₹7500 crore for the families which have been hit by the deadly corona virus.  Commenting on the coming together of all opposition political parties, He said that the opposition parties had joined hands to not do opportunistic politics but to protect the country.

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