Chakravyuham-The trap” is releasing grandly on June 2 by Mythri Movie Distributor’s

‘Chakravyuham – The Trap,’ starring actor Ajay in the lead role and directed by Madhusudan and produced by Mrs. Savitri, ‘Chakravyuham – The Trap’ takes the audience into the gripping world of a mysterious crime. The film is set to hit theaters on June 2.
Shasidhar Reddy has bought the rights of this movie in two Telugu states by Mythri Movie Distribution.

A murder mystery crime thriller film “Chakravyuham – The Trap” is subtitled. Chetkuri Madhusudhan, The movie team shared a lot of things at the media release press meet.

Director Madhusudhan said that he remembered and thanked the heavenly late superstar Krishna Garu who released the first look of our film “Chakravyuham – The Trap”and he thanked supreme hero Sai dharam tej Garu for releasing the movie trailer.
Director said The trailer itself is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, capturing the attention of viewers with its intriguing storyline and got millions of views on YouTube and he thank Shasidhar Reddy mythri movie Distributor’s for releaseing the movie and requested audiance to watch the movie in the theaters on June 2.

Actor Ajay said he is a big fan of crime thriller movies he also said that he liked the way Madhusudhan made the film and the way he narrated the story.This movie has gripping screenplay and praised co-actors who he worked with in the movie for their efforts and asked audiance to come theaters on June 2.

Shasidhar Reddy said that when he heard the story, he liked it and bought it. Now after watching the movie he is very confident audience will definitely love this movie and will be 100 percent successful and said director of the movie have done a great job and young directors those who are coming up with good content industry is always ready to give opportunities to such people and the audience also wants something new. He asked audiance to see the film “Chakravyuham-The trap” which is releasing grandly on June 2 in theaters and make it a big success. Big Ticket was unveiled by the entire film unit on the hands of Shasidhar Reddy.

Written & Directed by Chetkuri Madhusudhan
Produced by Savitri and co-produced by the Venkatesh-Anusha . Music – Bharat Manchiraju
Cinematography – GV Ajay
Editing – Jesswin Prabhu Lead actor -Ajay
Co-starring Gnaneswari, Vivek Trivedi, Urvashi Pardeshi, Pragya Nayan, Shubalekha Sudhakar, Rajeev Kanakala, Priya, Srikanth Iyyangar, Kireeti

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