Atia’s Kitchen Inaugurated by Actor Ali and they had Special Ramadan Iftar Dinner

Gandipet, April 5, 2024 – Atia’s Kitchen, located at shop number 6, Main Road, Gandipet, was officially inaugurated today in a grand ceremony. The inauguration ceremony was graced by renowned film actor Ali and his esteemed spouse, Zubeda Sultana, who attended as the chief guests.

In a heartwarming gesture of community solidarity during the holy month of Ramadan, Ali’s family, observing the fast, partook in a special Iftar dinner hosted at Atia’s Kitchen. The dinner commenced post the evening Allah prayer, symbolizing the spirit of unity and togetherness.

This event not only marks the commencement of Atia’s Kitchen but also signifies the values of inclusivity and communal harmony that the establishment aims to promote. It serves as a beacon of hope and camaraderie in our diverse society.

Actor Ali, a notable supporter of the initiative, expressed his delight at the commencement of Atia’s Kitchen during the auspicious month of Ramadan. His endorsement underscores the diverse culinary offerings, ranging from Indo and Arabic flavors to the unique tastes of Delhi and Nellore.

Zubeda Ali, echoing the sentiments of many food enthusiasts, praised Atia’s Kitchen for its comprehensive menu, encompassing North Indian, Arabic, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian delights. She particularly highlighted the excellence of the Mandi dish, a specialty of the kitchen.

Sheikh Yusuf Ahmed, the driving force behind Atia’s Kitchen, emphasized the commitment to culinary excellence, despite being a burgeoning brand. The introduction of Karim’s Mughalai Jayaka with Delhi flavors showcases the kitchen’s dedication to innovation and tradition.

Moreover, Atia’s Kitchen features a subsidiary branch, Nellore Flavors, offering authentic Nellore-style tiffins, lunches, and dinners. Despite its modest beginnings, Atia’s Kitchen aims to surpass the standards set by larger establishments through the superiority of its dishes.

Director Atia expressed gratitude for the opportunity to expand into the Indian market, emphasizing the significance of Hyderabad as the inaugural location. Patrons are invited to savor the rich tapestry of Indo and Arabic flavors meticulously crafted at Atia’s Kitchen.

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