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2 DG powder to fight Corona in 7 days : DRDA, Dr Reddy’s Labs plan to roll out

2 DG powder to fight Corona in 7 days : DRDA, Dr Reddy's Labs plan to roll out

Good news to Corona patients and people struggling with Corona fear as cases surge as they can expect 2DG a powder formed medicine to fight virus in about seven days. Even as the world is awaiting new jabs to fight pandemic with available injections, DRDA is to roll out this big weapon.
Hyderabad based DRDA’ and its sister concern  company — Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences has developed this anti Corona drug in powder. In collaboration with DR Reddy”s Labs will bring it to open market. The use of powder by mixing with water can help prevent virus development in the human body besides reduces use of artificial oxygen.
Serious Corona patients and those with mild or moderate symptoms can use it on doctors advice to fight and recover speedily. RTPCR tests proved negative for the patients who used this 2DG powder during clinical trials, according to information.
DRDA has got patent and a green signal from central drug controller authorities DCGI to use this powder form of medicine to fight Corona .  Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), approved the powder form of medicine 2- DG ( 2 Dioxy-D Glucose) which can be expected in seven days.
            The DRDA said that it can be used for emergency services. It also helps speedy recovery and reduces additional use of artificial oxygen by the  Corona patients.  On use the powder will reach the area of virus cells in the body of the patients and will prevent Corona development. It will be a great relief to people to fight the Covid problems in primary and secondary stages according to information.
            DRDA head Sathish said that 2- DG production is possible as the powder comes in a generic molecule and in glucose analogue form. He informed that Dr Reddy’s Labs will produce this 2-DG medicine and marketing for treatment. The 2-DG powder will be made available in about seven days can be used for Corona patients on doctors advice. The experts confirmed that during clinical trials it has given negative results when tested on patients.
The government is to streamline its use for people fearing infections as the Corona cases surge in second wave. 

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