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Parents, teachers & students give thumbs up to schools reopening in Telangana

After 16 months, schools in Telangana to reopen from September 1

It was a decision that was awaited with bated breath and it did come at last on August 23 by the Telangana State Government. As soon as the news became public by evening, thousands of teachers heaved a huge sigh of relief, parents welcomed the decision and students sent messages to one another at a speed faster than light. In short, almost everyone rejoiced at the decision. Hemalatha K, a Science teacher of Johnson High School said, “I observed many students go through depression as they were fed up sitting at home. Man is social by nature and children especially need to grow in a school environment.”

Not just students, teachers too have been eager to get back to school. Sindhu Nair, a Math teacher opines, “There are so many misconceptions pertaining to online teaching. The workload increased several fold, the learning curve of children reduced and we have to use double the energy to get things done as students are in a different location. I just want to get back to my class.”

The State Government’s decision was prompted due to uncertainty over the future of the educational system in the State leading to utter confusion among various sections including students, their parents and also teachers of private educational institutions and affiliated organisations.

Learning loss and depression have been two major issues during the pandemic. Psychologist Ramani Nambiar says, “Students were unable to deal with the situation and it has taken a toll on their mental well-being. Play, healthy competition, activities, physical activities including sports competitions is as important for all-round development of the child. The reopening of schools is a good decision.”  

The State Government instructed school managements to take precautions and sanitise the schools before the month end.

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