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Zetwerk Launches Growth Programme For Nurturing, Scaling Hardware Startups

  • ‘Zetwerk BUILD’ will propel the global startup ecosystem by fueling the growth, expansion and innovation of hardware startups
  • Zetwerk plans to target global hardware startups in robotics, consumer products and electric mobility, among others
  • The programme will cover 50 startups in the global hardware space and offer financial assistance in setting up dedicated product assembly lines and attractive rates for worldwide shipping and warehousing

In keeping with its objective of strengthening the manufacturing startup ecosystem, Zetwerk Manufacturing Businesses, the world’s largest platform for contract manufacturing, unveiled ‘Zetwerk BUILD’ – a programme designed to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions for hardware startups in robotics, consumer products, electric mobility, among others.

With India being the fifth largest economy and the third-largest ecosystem for startups globally, the country holds unforeseen opportunities for hardware startups to accelerate innovation across industries. Through this programme, Zetwerk will provide a complete stack of dedicated services for each requirement of a hardware startup to expedite its journey from prototype to production. The programme promises four critical features to any budding startup in the hardware space: Build, Research, Collaborate & Network.

Features Details Benefits
Build Start-ups can work with Zetwerk to expedite prototypes to production process, scale up, and build resilient supply chains and dedicated assembly lines for long term growth This will help reduce production timelines, faster Go-To-Market action, complete quality control, and measurability through the entire process.
Research Start-ups can leverage Zetwerk’s vast network and experience in building R&D-intensive products  in new age industries of drones, space and aerosystems Avail new parts development and managed global supply chain solutions for advanced manufacturing processes.
Collaborate Start-ups can collaborate with over 20 industry verticals of Zetwerk to run pilots with world’s leading companies. Get exposed to world-class technical know-how and work with leading companies in oil & gas, construction and infrastructure, and apparel businesses.
Network Work with Zetwerk BUILDers globally–startup founders, product managers, VCs, and industry experts  Be a part of our world to support, grow and accelerate the global startup ecosystem.

The programme will enable hardware startups to scale their operations and improve their production capabilities by leveraging Zetwerk’s tech-driven, extensive manufacturing capabilities and reaching out to newer markets through Zetwerk’s vast partner network. In addition, the company will offer tailor-made resilient supply chain solutions to start-ups for their products and leverage Zetwerk’s global scale and logistics to expedite deliveries.

“Manufacturing is hard. Setting up a reliable manufacturing value chain for early-stage hardware companies is a major challenge. Through BUILD, Zetwerk aims to help early-stage hardware companies accelerate output and optimise production by unlocking high quality, reliable, cost-competitive manufacturing through the click of a button. Zetwerk BUILD aims to be the default operating system for manufacturing,” said Amrit Acharya, Co-Founder & CEO, Zetwerk Manufacturing.

Over the next 24 months, Zetwerk aims to partner with at least 50 hardware startups globally through the program. In addition to providing discounted pricing for global logistics and warehousing, Zetwerk will also offer financial assistance for setting up dedicated production lines to aid these startups’ long-term growth.

“Product development for an early-stage hardware startup company is always daunting, especially in an ecosystem that’s constantly evolving to meet the growing demand. In addition, they work with limited resources, long product development cycles, and high costs, which can be extremely difficult for startups. However, Zetwerk has demonstrated mass manufacturing capabilities across multiple industrial and consumer product manufacturing categories. Zetwerk BUILD will share our learnings from these experiences with young companies solving ambitious product problems with innovative hardware solutions,” said Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Co-Founder & COO, Zetwerk.

Zetwerk has built a dedicated team of design, engineering, procurement, quality assurance and control, vendor and supply chain management, and logistics engineers. This team will work closely to mentor the hardware startups and develop long-term partnerships.

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