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Following the dismissal of Etela Rajender from the Cabinet, Intense debate and speculation is going on in the political circles in general and the ruling TRS party in particular,  on issues like the possibility of the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao dropping few more ministers, inclusion of new faces in to cabinet and whether this would happen in the near future or delayed for some time.  
          TRS sources say that the Chief Minister is toying with the idea of dropping three or four members from the Cabinet   on the basis of reports he is getting about charges of corruption and irregularities,  and unsatisfactory functioning of some of them.  If this happens, then he is bound to select others to fill up the vacancies.  It’s said that not less than half a dozen  legislators are eagerly expecting that they would get a chance now, in view of their closeness to KCR/KTR  and their performance.  Some names are already doing the rounds in this context.  
       Some others in the party feel that the Chief Minister might not invite fresh trouble at this juncture by axing some more ministers, and he might just fill up the vacancy caused by the dismissal of Etela,  that too after some time,  after carefully assessing the situation. They opine that even if KCR is in favour of showing the door to a few of  the ministers, he might wait for some time, till the Devaryamjal lands issue comes to a finality and after coming to know whether any Minister or legislators are involved in any irregularities or illegal deals.  This process is time consuming and hence there may not be dropping of ministers in the near future.  
       As it is,  there are 17 ministers including t he chief minister and there is  possibility of appointing only one minister in the place of Etela. If KCR  is keen on including some new faces in to the ministry,  he can do it only by dropping some of the existing ministers.  
Will Kavitha be Lucky
       Interestingly,  there is speculation on inclusion of KCR’s daughter and MLC K Kavitha in the Ministry.  While some are of the view that in the event of including more than one minister,  Kavitha might find a place, others feel that KCR might not venture to take such a decision, which will give scope for the opposition to intensify their rhetoric of providing jobs to only one family in the State.  
      One has to wait and see what will happen in the next few days !! 

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